Crane LARS

Hydramec’s ZONE II ATEX compliant, crane based Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) are modelled on freight container sizes for transport convenience and are generally used for mobile rig work which are designed to be moved easily from rig to rig but will work equally well on offshore vessels. A standard range of Hydramec components are used for easy specification, assembly and maintenance for use in the most demanding of offshore environments.

Crane LARS start with a 8tm crane and up to 46 tm marine spec cranes, Zone 2 electrical systems, Eexd electric motor, hydraulic tank, base and lift frame designed, approved and tested to BS EN 12079 for open seas transfer and weighs up to 16 tonne. Operationally design reviewed and approved to Lloyds ‘Code for lifting Appliances in a Marine Enviroment’ 2003 and certified for use in sea state 6 (3G). We can offer our standard as above or bespoke LARS to meet any client requirements including safe area, free swimming with latch and recovery winch.

Crane LARS are Lloyds approved for freestanding use up to 300m water depth which greatly improves the mobilisation time and customer appeal for rig installation.

Download the Crane LARS Specification here.

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