HH-270: Slewing LARS Specification

Main Base c/w Slewing A-frame:  

  • A-Frame self erects with no pin changes for less manual involvement
  • Base footprint: 6048mm x 2438 x 3000 (L x W x H)  
  • Constructed from quard 400 plate steel. Minimum operating temperature -20°c 
  • Max outreach: 7000mm  
  • Max live SWL: 10000kg 
  • ‘A’ frame operated by 2 x hydraulic cylinders having chrome on St/St rods.  
  • Telescopic boom operated by 2 x hydraulic rams having chrome on stainless steel rods  
  • Main A-frame and winch rotates 310 degrees for launching position  
  • Base of winch and A-frame fitted with 2 x small hydraulic rams to be used as slewing locks when in recovered or launch position.  
  • Mountings for snubber on main a-frame arm  
  • Base supplied with 8 x twist lock pockets for mounting to the deck  
  • System supplied with Radio remote control with all functions operated from the belly pack including AHC.  
  • Auto Greasers fitted to all hard to access area’s  
  • 3-ton SWL Tugger winch to be fitted to main A-frame top beam to assist with cage lifting operations  


  • 1200mm-diameter drum with a 4000m capacity of 17mm +/- 0.5mm umbilical  
  • Drum length is 800mm between cheeks 
  • Drum outside diameter of cheeks: 1600mm 
  • Winch fitted with Constant Tension function and control system to set tension from 0-6500KG  
  • Max line pull: 6500kg SWL at core  
  • Line speed: 40m per minute in normal operation & 120m for AHC 
  • Winch constructed from S355J2 (50D) Steel.  
  • Cast iron static junction boxes 3000v rated

AHC & Remote Operation:

  • Operational capability of 6m in 10 seconds  
  • Control system to be supplied with full remote operations platform on HMI screen or IP address supply controls page for operation of the LARS
  • Control system supplied with Umbilical management functionality 
  • Control system logging of all operations  
  • Continuous Monitoring of vessel motion whilst in AHC  


  • Prime mover: 1 x 37K.W  
  • Single Stater: 1 x 37K.W Star /Delta c/w isolator and control fuses. IP65 stainless steel enclosure
  • Tank Suitable capacity tank c/w all filtration, level gauge and filler breather, to spec
  • Tank fitted with feedback sensors and alarms for low/high oil level low/high temperature  
  • Hydraulically driven air blast oil cooler