HH-273: Working Class LARS


  • Base Footprint: 6056mm x 2438mm (L x W)  
  • Constructed from S355J2 RHS minimum operating temperature -20°c 
  • Max outreach: 3500mm 
  • Max live SWL: 15000kg in water & 5000kg in air 
  • A-Frame is of rear hinged design allowing ROV and TMS to be split and lowered into position on A-frame base for maintenance  
  • A-Frame operated by hydraulic cylinders having chrome on St/St rods.  
  • Skid tested in accordance with 10855-1 
  • Designed and built to Lloyds LAME rules 
  • Removable handrails to seaward elevation 
  • Complete with Hydramec standard deck fastenings 
  • Fitted with load tested pad-eyes for fitting of inertia reels to allow connection of harnesses for working at height, to allow maintenance to the TMS and Snubber  
  • GRP grating sunk into deck suitable rated for weight of ROV & TMS 
  • Base is bunded underneath with drain ports for removal of water or oil  
  • Base will have recessed tie down points for securing ROV and TMS to deck during transit and rough weather.  


  • Base footprint: 3250mm x 2438mm (L x W)  
  • 950mm-diameter drum with 4500m capacity of 30.5mm +/- 0.5 umbilical  
  • Max line pull: 1500kg at core 
  • Max line speed: 40m per minute at core 
  • Winch is secured on both ends by bearings suitable for Focal type Eexd slipring (internal)  
  • Winch constructed from S355J2 (50D) Steel  
  • Pressure gauges to all functions 
  • 1 x Static Junction boxes 3000v Rated for main cables and fibre optic tails  
  • All rotary aspects of winch and any chain drives guarded in accordance with PUWER 1998 

Power Pack:  

  • Prime mover: 2 x 75kw  
  • Deck leads supplied standard 30m long 
  • Starter: 1x Star /Delta c/w isolator and control fuses. IP66  
  • Pumps: Variable displacement pumps. Max 250bar. Servo pumps for snubber control  
  • Tank: Suitable capacity tank c/w all filtration, level gauge and filler breather  
  • Oil cooler: suitable to keep ambient temperature at @ +40C hot climates  
  • Mounted in separate lift frame 

Design Code:  

  • Built in accordance with Lloyds Code for lifting appliances in a Marine Environment  
  • Design Temperature minimum -20°c.  
  • Base designed, tested and certified ‘in accordance with EN 10855-1  
  • Slings supplied in accordance with EN 10855-1