HH-57: Standard Snubber

  • Constructed from low temperature material to -20°C and designed to allow safe traverse of the TMS through the A-frame during launch procedure.  
  • Roll ram fitted to allow the TMS to stay horizontal as it passes through the A-frame.  
  • Fitted with rotational operation giving 270 degrees of movement 
  • Latching of the TMS is controlled via docking dogs which are sprung for failsafe operation with a hydraulic sleeve operated for de-latching.  
  • Fitted to the docking mechanism are proximity switches rated at 24V DC which give indication of when all three dogs are in the latched on un-latched position.  
  • Fitted with a hydraulically operated active damping skirt which has a pressure adjustment to apply force to the top of the TMS to stop adverse movement in heavy weather.