HH-74: Free Swimming Crane LARS

Main Skid:

  • Base footprint: 3400mm x 2650mm x 3200mm (L x W x H)  
  • Max outreach: 5m  
  • Max SWL: 1000kg 
  • 60m cable capacity for deployment  
  • Forklift pockets 300mm x 200mm box  
  • approved to BS 12079 Slings to 12079 shipping weight 8000kg Approx  


  • 600mm diameter drum with a 1000 m capacity of 22 mm tether umbilical  
  • Winch is secured on non-driven end by bearing suitable for Focal type slipring (internal).  
  • Max line pull: 600kg 
  • Max line speed: 30m per minute at mid drum 
  • Constructed from S355 J2 (50D) low temp -20°c 
  • Pressure gauges to all functions 
  • Fitted with rotary and static junction boxes 

Power Pack:

  • Prime mover 22kw. 400/440—50/60 HZ  
  • Starter Star /Delta c/w isolator and control fuses and light switches if required.  
  • Pump quality axial piston pump. Max 350 bar.  
  • Tank 200 Litre capacity tank c/w all filtration, level gauge and filler breather.  
  • 30 m deck lead  
  • All cabling and glands rated for Zone 2 as standard complete with identification marking.  

Design Code:

  • Lloyds Approved to Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment 2009 Ch.3. Sec.3  
  • Temperature minimum -20°c 
  • Base design, tested and certified in accordance with BS 12079 
  • Slings supplied in accordance with 12079