Once again, Hydramec and Scantrol have teamed up to supply a bespoke Active Heave Compensated (AHC) launch and recovery system (LARS) to AKOFS Offshore. The LARS will be used for subsea basket deployment.

AKOFS Offshore is a Norwegian-based company that provides vessel-based well construction and intervention services. This will be the first time Hydramec and Scantrol have directly worked alongside the company. The Basket LARS required some design changes to suit a new Subsea basket being designed and delivered by INNOVA in Norway. The LARS will be used to launch the Basket to make electrical connections up to 3000 metres deep in order to power subsea tooling.

The LARS required a basket landing area. This has been equipped with protective cow catchers to ensure that the Basket does not damage anything. Guiding hydraulic gates have also been fitted on the front of the LARS to assist in directing the Basket into position.

The LARS has also been equipped will full radio remote control as well as an operator’s panel and touch screen, which will be installed in the client’s control room.

Scantrol has supplied the AHC controller, mTrack, for the Basket LARS. mTrack makes it possible for the operator to safely control the Basket without worrying about vessel motion.

“Another mTrack delivered to Hydramec, easily configured and integrated into a new application. Hydramec has installed and commissioned the mTrack system themselves. We are excited to be part of this project”, says Project Manager Simon Hauge at Scantrol.

This is the 15th Mtrack AHC controller that Hydramec have integrated into a new LARS system. Having the MRU built into the main control system via the Mtrack computer system means that adding AHC into a winch or LARS (new or existing) allows for a more straightforward and flexible installation.

Hydramec’s Managing Director, Danny Church, has said: “it has been a pleasure to supply the complete Basket LARS system to AKOFS subsea and to create a new working relationship with the AKOFS team. To deliver this project on time and on budget is a testament to the partnership Hydramec has developed with Scantrol to ensure the customers’ requirements are always met”

AKOFS thanks Hydramec for a very proactive and good cooperation with on time delivery. We look forward getting the system in operation on our vessel Skandi Santos in Brazil.

This order has cemented Hydramec, Scantrol and AKOFS Offshore’s business relationships. We hope to continue working together to create innovative LARS’.

Basket LARS for AKOFS


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